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Generally, this research aimed to study drying characteristic of pecan seed on a Batch type (stove) dryer using pecan shell as fuel. Specifically, this research aimed to determine moisture content reduction, temperature change, drying rate, mass transfer rate, air dryer flow rate, energy requirement, drying efficiency, and drying capacity. This research used experimental method in order to determine drying characteristic of pecan on thin layer method using oven, which was conducted in laboratorium by temperature varied of 40oC, 50oC, 60oC, 70oC, dan 80oC. Thick layer method was conducted by trial mathematical model, i.e. collected data from drying stage on batch stove dryer then analyzed using software based on mathematical model, actual data were also collected from on field experiments. Measurement of pecan geometric characteristic also had been conducted. Result showed that pecan had sphericity number of 0.79. Characteristic curve of thin layer drying obtained from analytical result showed the drying rate was decreasing and correlation between ln MR (%db) with t (hours) on drying temperature of 40 oC to 80 oC showed decreasing moisture content and drying rate towards drying time. General equation for moisture content ratio, MR = exp (-0,0141.T – 0,2583)*t. Graphic of correlation between fuel (kg) and moisture content equilibrium (%) showed decreasing moisture content equilibrium at every fuel addition.



pecan stove drying batch type

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