Peer Review

Jurnal Ilmiah Rekayasa Pertanian dan Biosistem is a scientific publication so that the manuscripts received are only scientific manuscripts in the form of scientific articles that have never been published. The review process is carried out involving authors, editors, section editors, and reviewers using Blind Review Method.  

Each submitted manuscript is first examined by the editors. If the manuscript meets the focus and scope as well as the writing guidelines, the manuscripts then will be checked using Turnitin to determine its originality. If the percentage of originality is above 80%, the text is continued to the reviewer to review the content and novelty of the text. If the percentage is less than 80%, the manuscript will be returned to the author. Each script will be examined by 2 reviewers for 4 weeks maximum with evaluation criteria as stated in the Article Assessment Form for the reviewers. After this process, the submitted article then processed to revision (by author), layout, and publication which requires up to 8 weeks.